Elizabeth Mailer is a writer and photographer.

She graduated from Princeton University in 1981 with a B.A. in English.  

She’s been writing since the age of nine, when she wrote a 100-page novella about a boy from Wisconsin at the turn of the century. 

Elizabeth has workshopped and studied the craft of fiction and non-fiction writing with many wonderful teachers over the course of two decades.  She wrote a non-fiction book called “The Facebook Chronicles.”  The book (not yet published) consists of her mini-vignettes and photos that capture her mother’s decline into dementia. This was the first time she created a book that combined her writing and her photos.  

She is currently writing a memoir about her relationship with her father, Norman Mailer.  

Elizabeth has been published in The Norman Mailer Review and The Provincetown Arts Magazine.  She has a fantasy/story in the book, “One Last Lunch,” edited by Erica Heller.  

Photography is Elizabeth’s passionate hobby.  She has been zealously snapping photos for the last 12 years.  Everything she learned she can credit with her talented and exceptionally trained husband, Frank, who has been a photographer for the last 50 years.  He has been her inspiration.

She hopes one day to have an exhibit of her photos in Provincetown, Massachusetts; and dreams of having a book published of her photos and her writing, combined.  

In the last three years, Elizabeth has also collaborated with her high school friend, Janet Liff, in a series of videos and podcasts, featuring “Leila and Zelda,” two zany 60-tear-old women characters of their invention. In addition, they have collaborated with Elizabeth’s talented daughter, Christina, who has created, directed and edited a funny and fabulous game show series called “O.K., Boomer.”

You can find these shows on YouTube; and videos and podcasts on Instagram and Spotify.  

Elizabeth lives in New York City with her husband, Frank, of 33 years; their daughter, Christina, who is a content creator, video editor and comedy writer; and their 5-year-old cat, Shea.


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